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InkJet Printable Vinyl

Get your creative juices flowing! Using the Print and Cut features of your craft die-cutting machines such as Cricut, Silhouette, Scan-n-Cut, and others to print full color designs then cut them out for application! StarCraft Inkjet printable matte permanent adhesive vinyl is great for displaying images that require high details, full color, shading, etc., that simply cannot be replicated using regular adhesive solid color vinyl.

Finish: Matte
Adhesive: Permanent Acrylic
Outdoor Durability:1-2 Years depending on exposure. Harsh environments, handling, car washes, etc., can decrease life expectancy.
Please Note: Inkjet printable adhesive is thicker than standard vinyl and becomes a little more rigid when UV Laminate is applied. For this reason we recommend larger, one-piece designs and avoid small intricate details and designs with many cuts. DO NOT use transfer tape on an uncoated inkjet printed design as the transfer tape will likely remove some of the ink during the application process.

UV Laminates : StarCraft Matte or Glossy UV Laminate is excellent for protecting your StarCraft Inkjet Printable Adhesive Vinyl from UV (sun) exposure, dirt, grime, water, and adhesives.


StarCraft Inkjet Printable Permanent Adhesive Vinyl - 10 Packs